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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Did I mention I hate Tammy

I can't believe this ghoul, she just won't leave me alone.
She keeps trying to pump information from me about the other ghouls.

So I had to tell her about everyone. Look who was having lunch together
in the lunch room, but they didn't have lunch, Vampiro felt awkward because
Draculaura was there with Clawd, so he left with Venecia.

Here's one couple I wish Tammy would break up. I don't think she
likes or wants to date Deuce, I think she just gets really happy when
she creates misery. So I will gladly stand back and watch her work.
I guess I didn't mind so much telling her what I know.

She does know about my secret. If the other ghouls knew
I was floating around and listening in on all their
conversations, I wouldn't have too many friends left.

Oh well, thanks for listening to my rant. I will have to deal with 
Tammy. I don't want to help her anymore in her evil plan, afterall
these ghouls are my friends.

Ok gotta go, I think I hear her coming, going to pretend I'm sleeping.

Bye for now :)


Saturday, October 25, 2014

I Hate Tammy!

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well.
It's been a rough week for me at Skull Academy.
The meeting went well I guess, but looks like its just
me hanging the posters for the big school dance.

I did float around to check in on the other ghouls. 
For my blog of course :)

This was so cute, Andy and Ghoulia make a really good couple.
I hope it will work out for them.

Wow, I can't believe it, it's over between Draculaura and Vampiro. 
That is going to be weird around the school.

I just love Hilary, she is so cute, I'm so glad Draculily is 
taking her out for halloween. Draculily could be really cool sometimes.

Oh, no, what's going on, who is Andy calling Sunshine, 
I have to float through the phone to take a peek.

What, no way, Cherry, from the Bistro and Drive thru restaurant, 
wow, I did not see that coming. So he's cheating on 
his girlfriend with Ghoulia, should I tell her, but she'll 
want to know how I found out. I don't know what to do.
What do you think I should do?

I finally met the new student Tammy, 
but I wish I didn't.
She is so mean, and she knows about my method of gathering
gossip for my blog, that I float as my ghost-like self...urgh!
Now she is pumping information from me about the other ghouls, 
I hope they don't find out, it will make things really awkward here at the school.

Ok ghouls, I have to go and hang up the rest of the posters.
Blog to you soon!

Spectra :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I'm back for real this time!

Hey guys & ghouls, I'm so sorry I haven't been posting lately. I have been so busy, but I promise to start posting at least once a week. A lot has happened since I last posted. 

Have I mentioned how much 
I just want to slap her, but I know I shouldn't and I won't, you should never hit anyone, but it doesn't mean there aren't people out there who deserve it. I was just telling her about the dance committee meeting and she thought I was flirting with Deuce and started freaking out on me. Ok, I don't even want to think about her right now, I will move on and just ignore her, that's what you must do with people like that, they eventually get bored if they don't see a reaction and move on to another poor soul. Let them in on the secret too, just ignore them! 

So I am so jealous right now, have you seen the new dorm rooms, they are so awesome. I think Operetta and Robecca are jealous too. We're going to try to talk to the principal to see if we can get bigger and better dorm rooms too. There's suppose to be a new principal starting soon, but
we don't know when. There's a new student too, hope she or he will be nice.

Draculaura and Venecia are not getting a lo
ng, they are now dorm mates.
Poor Frankie is always trying to help, she is so sweet.
I wonder what Draculaura had in that bag, I am curious too, I was trying to take a
peak but couldn't. I will have to watch the new show on the GingerLola channel, 
called Skull Town Talk, Draculisa is going to reveal it. Poor Draculaura isn't 
doing the Vamp Moment show, but I think she is happy about it. She has so 
much drama going on in her life right now between Vampiro and Clawd. 
I wish I had her problems. 

Wow, Venus looks great, what do you think of her new makeover, she looks like a 
whole new ghoul. Sometimes I think about getting a new makeover too, I'm always
wearing the same pony tail. Maybe you can send me some hair tips.

Wow, again :) This was a big moment for me. I was getting tired of being bossed around, 
seems like I do most of the work for the dance committee and I told Operetta about it.
She was really nice, she said I could take over and be in charge. That made me so
happy but nervous too, what if something goes wrong, oh well, can't think about that now. I will make sure everything works out great and we'll have the most amazing school dance.
Lesson I learned... Never be afraid to speak out ghouls.

So I have a little problem, the guy I am crushing over is also my best friends crush, well
she actually used to date Deuce. Rochelle won't get over Deuce. I don't know what to do,
I want to start hanging out more with Rochelle, but do I tell her about my crush
for Deuce too? I think I should? Please tell me what I should do.

Oh Deuce, you are soooooo cute, what are you doing with that evil witch!


Draculisa has a new show and the first episode will be on the gingerlola channel
on Monday. They are finishing up the sets and filming the first episode. I think its
about the giveaways on our channel but also a sneak peak at whats inside Draculaura's bag. 
I can't wait to watch it. She will also be doing the Q&A on the show, plus maybe
the birthday shout outs. Draculaura wants to spend more time with her school work.

Ok, that's all for now... thank you for reading and being awesome!


Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm back

Hey everyone, so sorry I haven't been posting... I have been so busy studying for the exams, and I am so happy that they are over. I think I did very well.

I can't believe what  happened during my exams. The teacher caught
Draculaura cheating. I can't believe she was cheating, Draculaura is one of the smartest
ghouls in school, but is that why she is the smartest, has she been cheating
on all her tests? I really don't know what happened, if I was my ghostly
self, I could see everything, but I was concentrating on my exam.

Poor Draculaura, I feel really bad for her, she says it was Jimmy that was
cheating, but he denied it. 

Well, I hope the truth will be revealed soon, everyone is talking about it in school.
Oh well, gotta go ghouls, going to chill out a bit.

I'll be posting again on a more regular basis.

Thank you

Spectra :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm Catching Up!

Hey guys & ghouls, sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been so busy studying for our
exams. I want to do really well, so I have been staying up late and getting up early to study. I decided
to take a short break to talk to you, my awesome friends.

Well a few of the ghouls have been on a date this past week.
Frankie and Jackson, they look so cute together, I really hope it works out.

Yuk, there's Cleo, she was on a date with Deuce, Draculaura, made me laugh here, she
can't see anything because Draculily broke her glasses, well she doesn't know that. She sat
with Deuce, she thought it was Clawd, I laughed so hard, I was afraid they heard me.

Here she is again, sitting at the right table. I really hope it works out with these two
as well, they are cute together. 

Uh oh, what is going on here, I couldn't hear so well, I was trying to listen to Cleo and Deuce.
I did hear something about blackmail and school dance invitations? I have to find out more.

That's my ghoul, Draculaura felt bad for running over Venus, I think it was that daydream she
had, about being arrested for murder... I see all folks, I even see your thoughts, I know, I know
it sounds creepy, but that is my gift.

I was going out to lunch with Operetta but being the kind ghoul she is, she volunteered
to take Venus to the hospital, Draculaura wanted too, but she still doesn't have her

Here they are trying to get Venus in the car.


Urgh, here is Cleo, on her date with Deuce, it still hurts, it hurts for Rochelle too, do you see
her in the picture behind Cleo, she was there the whole time, spying on their date. That poor ghoul, at least she got to date him for a little while, I didn' don't see me spying...oops, I think that's 
what I'm doing now...oh well, lets move on :) ...

Venecia and Vampiro together, really? I wonder what Draculaura will say...

I guess not too much, looks like she was having fun with Clawd, they 
were studying together.

Wow a new student and he's cute too...his name is Andy. I don't usually go
for Zombies, but I do like this one.. I must move on from Deuce....

Especially, when I saw this...YUK...!

Uh oh, you are not going to believe what Draculaura did, she say's she's confused
about Vampiro, but she sure was jealous when she heard Vampiro and Venecia were at
the Bistro together.

So jealous, she grabbed a pen and drew mustaches all over Venecia's pictures.
Now I do not approve of this, number one, because you shouldn't destroy someones property, and number two, it's Venecia Bat, one of my favourite movie stars. I won't tell anyone, well because Draculaura is my friend.

Now I definitely laughted my head off when I saw this, someone put spiders all over
Cleo's bed....Yesssss that made me so happy, I couldn't believe it when I saw who did it.

Yes, it was Rochelle, little, sweet Rochelle, she has definitely changed, she used to be
so shy, now she is playing pranks, spying, what is wrong with her. I think
she needs to meet a new boy. Someone who will help her get over Deuce.

Wow, so much has happened, but looks like I'm all caught up.
Just doing a little more studying and then going floating around to find more
gossip for this blog. 

Thank you all for reading and visiting my blog. Please
vote for my site for top doll site, look for the barbie pic on the right hand side of this page.

Blog to you soon :) 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Almost Everyone is on a Date?

Hey guys & ghouls, hope you're all doing well. Looks like a few of the ghouls have dates at
the Bistro. I may be there for real, Operetta wont' stop bugging me about going
with her to the Bistro. So I think I will give in and go, I should really socialize more but
I don't want my school work to suffer.

Poor Draculaura's date didn't start off on the right foot... she found
her eyeglasses broken, she doesn't know that it was Draculily who broke them.

Wow, we have a new student, her name is Lolita, I haven't officially met her yet.

Vampiro is going to the Bistro with Venecia, I think she has a big crush on
Vampiro, but he still cares for Draculaura, she will be at the Bistro too, with
her date Clawd. It's going to be interesting.

Frankie is going on a date with Jackson, those two are so cute together, 
I hope it'll last.

I hope they don't last, Cleo and Deuce, I'm not liking this new Cleo at all, she is acting
all nice, and that's exactly what she's doing... 'acting', there's no way she changed so fast.

And what about Rochelle, what's going on with her, it feels like backwards world
over here at the school lately. Rochelle is slapping Cleo, Cleo is being nice, what is going on.

Wow, new student at the school, his name is Andy, he is British and he is so cute, I think
I have a new crush and his name is Andy and I love the way he talks.

Uh oh, I could not believe what happened here, what was Draculaura thinking?
First of all don't drive if you can't see where you're going, and then
she left Venus there all by herself, I know they don't like each other
but that was really mean. I'm sure Draculaura didn't realize how bad it was.

Her leg actually fell right off, that's Draculaura holding her bloody leg in her arms.

I'm not a big fan of Venus's, but I did feel really bad for her.

Oh Draculaura, what did you do?

Blog to you soon, Operetta is here and she's bugging me about the Bistro again.

Ok...Ok, I'll go :)