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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Last night was awful

So Abbey slept in my dorm room last night and it was awful.
She snores so loud, I though she swallowed a dragon.

I got a little upset and kicked the bed.

I just don't like this ghoul.

Great, not only were we stuck with each other last night, now
we have to go shopping together.

It is not going to be fun.

Well I gotta go.
Blog to you soon!

Spectra :)

Monday, February 16, 2015


Wow, I have never fought with anyone before, I'm usually very calm, but
Abbey just brings out the worst in me.

Poor Operetta, always trying to get us to get a long, I don't really think
she cares if we're friends, she just doesn't like all the bickering.

Once Operetta and Robecca left the room, both Abbey and I 
started fighting, not my best moment, but I think I got a couple of good
punches in and some hair pulling. Please do not fight with anyone, this was
wrong and didn't solve anything. One of us could have been seriously hurt.

I hate Abbey but I don't want to hurt her or anyone else.

I'm so glad Operetta walked in when she did. It could
have been so much worse.

Ok sorry ghouls, it's all about me, I will try
to get some juicy gossip, but I have to admit, things
certainly haven't been boring for me lately.

Blog to you soon.

Spectra :)

Sent to the Headmistresses Office

Hey ghouls, I have had so much on my mind lately, trying to keep up with blog and all
the gossip but it's been really hard. Abbey and I were sent down to the Headmistresses
office for fighting in the classroom.

We just don't get a long, can't everyone just accept that, you can't like everyone...right?

Well you're not going to believe this, our punishment is we have to stay in the
same dorm room for a night. I can't believe it, urgh, this is so awful.

I'm too upset to type anymore, so sorry ghouls.
I will keep you posted, I gotta go now, I don't want her to see 
what I'm doing.

Blog to you soon.

Spectra :) 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Uh oh, I'm in trouble!

Urgh, Abbey makes me so mad, always hanging around Rochelle.
She even sat beside her in class.

New guy Billy started class today, I sat beside him in geography class,
and then walked with him to art class. He's really nice. Best part is
Abbey is sooooo jealous. I think she likes him. I think I like him too.
He's really sweet and funny.

We sat in art class together too and it was driving Abbey crazy.
She was so mad. I was laughing on the inside.

I lost my temper and threw my pencil at her, I know it was wrong, but
I couldn't help it. 

Teacher sent us down to the headmistresses office.
Great now I'm in trouble, because of Abbey, urgh, I really don't like her.

Hey, I didn't mention Deuce once in my post, maybe I'm getting over
him. I am thinking about Billy, he is so dreamy.

Tell me what I should do, should I ask him out before Abbey does?

Gotta go, thanks for reading.

Blog to you soon.
Spectra :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

He's no Deuce

Hey everyone, Spectra here, wow, Skull Academy keeps growing, we got some new students.

First there's Kitty, not sure if she's a mouse or a cat, but she is good friends with
Tammy. I'm so glad, maybe now Tammy will leave me a lone.

I really like Gidget, Draculily and her are becoming really good friends.
I overheard their conversation, I can't believe Draculily is dating Jimmy.
If Draculaura finds out, she will freak out, I won't be the one telling her.
No one at school even knows I have a blog, Cleo and Venus did see it once, but
I changed my blog name and they don't know where it is...whew.

I was talking to Operetta, venting about my classes... Abbey happens to 
be in two of my classes, urgh, not looking forward to that. We just
don't get along. Don't tell anyone, I was the one who gave her a rock
for Christmas. 

There's a couple of new guys at the school, means more drama for
the ghouls, most of these ghouls are boy crazy. I'm not interested in them at 
all, I still have a crush on Deuce. He is the cutest and the sweetest guy.

Uh oh, these two are hatching up plans, but wait, they want to break up
Cleo and Deuce... I think I will go along with that plan, and she doesn't want
to do if to date Deuce, she wants to make Cleo miserable.
Maybe I should be friends with Tammy.

Ok that's it for now, I gotta go, I hear someone coming.
Blog to you soon.