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Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm back

Hey everyone, so sorry I haven't been posting... I have been so busy studying for the exams, and I am so happy that they are over. I think I did very well.

I can't believe what  happened during my exams. The teacher caught
Draculaura cheating. I can't believe she was cheating, Draculaura is one of the smartest
ghouls in school, but is that why she is the smartest, has she been cheating
on all her tests? I really don't know what happened, if I was my ghostly
self, I could see everything, but I was concentrating on my exam.

Poor Draculaura, I feel really bad for her, she says it was Jimmy that was
cheating, but he denied it. 

Well, I hope the truth will be revealed soon, everyone is talking about it in school.
Oh well, gotta go ghouls, going to chill out a bit.

I'll be posting again on a more regular basis.

Thank you

Spectra :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm Catching Up!

Hey guys & ghouls, sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been so busy studying for our
exams. I want to do really well, so I have been staying up late and getting up early to study. I decided
to take a short break to talk to you, my awesome friends.

Well a few of the ghouls have been on a date this past week.
Frankie and Jackson, they look so cute together, I really hope it works out.

Yuk, there's Cleo, she was on a date with Deuce, Draculaura, made me laugh here, she
can't see anything because Draculily broke her glasses, well she doesn't know that. She sat
with Deuce, she thought it was Clawd, I laughed so hard, I was afraid they heard me.

Here she is again, sitting at the right table. I really hope it works out with these two
as well, they are cute together. 

Uh oh, what is going on here, I couldn't hear so well, I was trying to listen to Cleo and Deuce.
I did hear something about blackmail and school dance invitations? I have to find out more.

That's my ghoul, Draculaura felt bad for running over Venus, I think it was that daydream she
had, about being arrested for murder... I see all folks, I even see your thoughts, I know, I know
it sounds creepy, but that is my gift.

I was going out to lunch with Operetta but being the kind ghoul she is, she volunteered
to take Venus to the hospital, Draculaura wanted too, but she still doesn't have her

Here they are trying to get Venus in the car.


Urgh, here is Cleo, on her date with Deuce, it still hurts, it hurts for Rochelle too, do you see
her in the picture behind Cleo, she was there the whole time, spying on their date. That poor ghoul, at least she got to date him for a little while, I didn' don't see me spying...oops, I think that's 
what I'm doing now...oh well, lets move on :) ...

Venecia and Vampiro together, really? I wonder what Draculaura will say...

I guess not too much, looks like she was having fun with Clawd, they 
were studying together.

Wow a new student and he's cute too...his name is Andy. I don't usually go
for Zombies, but I do like this one.. I must move on from Deuce....

Especially, when I saw this...YUK...!

Uh oh, you are not going to believe what Draculaura did, she say's she's confused
about Vampiro, but she sure was jealous when she heard Vampiro and Venecia were at
the Bistro together.

So jealous, she grabbed a pen and drew mustaches all over Venecia's pictures.
Now I do not approve of this, number one, because you shouldn't destroy someones property, and number two, it's Venecia Bat, one of my favourite movie stars. I won't tell anyone, well because Draculaura is my friend.

Now I definitely laughted my head off when I saw this, someone put spiders all over
Cleo's bed....Yesssss that made me so happy, I couldn't believe it when I saw who did it.

Yes, it was Rochelle, little, sweet Rochelle, she has definitely changed, she used to be
so shy, now she is playing pranks, spying, what is wrong with her. I think
she needs to meet a new boy. Someone who will help her get over Deuce.

Wow, so much has happened, but looks like I'm all caught up.
Just doing a little more studying and then going floating around to find more
gossip for this blog. 

Thank you all for reading and visiting my blog. Please
vote for my site for top doll site, look for the barbie pic on the right hand side of this page.

Blog to you soon :) 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Almost Everyone is on a Date?

Hey guys & ghouls, hope you're all doing well. Looks like a few of the ghouls have dates at
the Bistro. I may be there for real, Operetta wont' stop bugging me about going
with her to the Bistro. So I think I will give in and go, I should really socialize more but
I don't want my school work to suffer.

Poor Draculaura's date didn't start off on the right foot... she found
her eyeglasses broken, she doesn't know that it was Draculily who broke them.

Wow, we have a new student, her name is Lolita, I haven't officially met her yet.

Vampiro is going to the Bistro with Venecia, I think she has a big crush on
Vampiro, but he still cares for Draculaura, she will be at the Bistro too, with
her date Clawd. It's going to be interesting.

Frankie is going on a date with Jackson, those two are so cute together, 
I hope it'll last.

I hope they don't last, Cleo and Deuce, I'm not liking this new Cleo at all, she is acting
all nice, and that's exactly what she's doing... 'acting', there's no way she changed so fast.

And what about Rochelle, what's going on with her, it feels like backwards world
over here at the school lately. Rochelle is slapping Cleo, Cleo is being nice, what is going on.

Wow, new student at the school, his name is Andy, he is British and he is so cute, I think
I have a new crush and his name is Andy and I love the way he talks.

Uh oh, I could not believe what happened here, what was Draculaura thinking?
First of all don't drive if you can't see where you're going, and then
she left Venus there all by herself, I know they don't like each other
but that was really mean. I'm sure Draculaura didn't realize how bad it was.

Her leg actually fell right off, that's Draculaura holding her bloody leg in her arms.

I'm not a big fan of Venus's, but I did feel really bad for her.

Oh Draculaura, what did you do?

Blog to you soon, Operetta is here and she's bugging me about the Bistro again.

Ok...Ok, I'll go :)


Monday, April 7, 2014


Wow, it's been a crazy week here at Skull Academy, first my Deucey get's punched in the face, 
now he has a black eye, and now Cleo has a black eye too, Rochelle slapped her.
Wow, those Goyle's have short tempers. 

Rochelle was called down to the office, she was crying all the way
down, crying and crying and crying, it was getting so annoying.

Oh no, what is Draculily up to, for a smart ghoul, she's always
gettting herself into trouble with her crazy ideas. Poor Clawdeen, always
trys to resist being apart of her shenanigans, but always gets talked into

Ahhh, not again, there's Rochelle crying her little heart out, 
wow, she has such an annoying cry.

Nooooooooo, I do feel her pain, I can't believe that Cleo is going
out with Deuce again, has he gone mad?

I'm too upset to blog anymore, sorry guys & ghouls, 
I am just going to go break some pencils, for some reason, it makes
me feel better.

Blog to you soon!


Monday, March 31, 2014

So Much Drama

Hey guys & ghouls, hope you're all doing well. I was just visiting Skull Academy's blog and 
they have just posted pictures of the new students, I guess they'll be starting soon.
Lolita looks nice and Andy is kinda cute. What do you think of the new students?

So, lets get started with the gossip. Looks like Draculaura got some new eyeglasses,
Venecia Bat, broke her last ones, I like these ones too. Draculaura has a big date later with

There has also been some changes at the school, a couple of the rooms got new
bunk beds, looks like Ghoulia really likes it.

Cool, I overheard Draculaura, Frankie and Draculily talking about
their dates, they are going to have some kind of fashion show to pick out
outfits for their dates, sounds like fun, I will definitely be there for that...either ghostly
or as myself.

I should really take it easy with the homework and extra credits and maybe
socialize a little bit more with the other ghouls. 

Draculaura's dorm room also got a new bunk bed, but they are also getting
a new room mate.

Yay, it was me, oh yes, I was the one who told the principal about Jimmy
punching Deuce, not on my watch Jimmy. He got suspended from the school.
So now my Deuce is safe.

Oh no, Draculily has that look on her face again, she's hatching another plan.
She is meeting Cherry at the Bistro apparently at the same time
Draculaura will be there with Clawd. She doesn't want Draculaura to see her
there because she doesn't like Cherry and thinks she is a bad influence on Draculily.
I think she's right.

Oh my poor Deuce has a black eye, but what is this I hear... he's getting
Wow, now I feel like punching Deuce in the face myself.

I don't believe in violence, but I have to be honest with my awesome friends...that's you!
I smiled a little bit when I saw Rochelle slap Cleo in the face, wooo that's going to leave a mark.

Wow, I actually had to shake my head... was Rochelle faking her accent, for a split
second she spoke without her accent... I was so shocked, but maybe it could be something
that happens to her when she's angry, or maybe she is faking it, I have to investigate further.
I always thought she was a nice girl, I can't believe how wrong I was.

I guess liking Deuce makes all of us crazy. 
I just hope I don't start walking around punching people in the face.

Ok, that's all for now friends.

I will blog to you soon.